Welcome to our corner of the world wide web, this great little nook in the farthest reaches of the internet is where you'll find 3 fellows as passionate about music as they are about the basic necessities of life. Grooving is by far the top of the priority list. We are RaeVinyl. A high energy Alt-Rock band from Vancouver Island.

Much like a fine wine, these 3 dapper dudes create a unique blend of flavors, sounds and soul that cannot be contained in just 1 genre. With influences from every style imaginable, there is sure to be a track to get your blood pumping, toes tapping or hips a-swaying.

While none of us are Van Isle born and raised, roots have been planted and we're here to stay! West Coast, Best Coast. All lifetime musicians, Dano, Dave and Adrian bring veteran attitudes to a very modern and fun style of live performance.

Ride the Wave Demo/EP recorded at Fat Dad Entertainment/Studio

Engineered & Mixed by: Al Bodman

We are gearing for the next phase of RV transformation and have some exciting announcements to make in the coming months! See you, at a venue near you, soon!